Verify a bank account

Verify an existing bank account.

When you create a bank account, BILL sends a test ACH payment to the bank account to confirm whether the account details are accurate. Enter the test amount as the depositAmount value in your POST /v3/funding-accounts/banks/{bankAccountId}/verify request.

Note: Bank account verification is required in the production environment before the account can be used for other BILL operations. In the sandbox environment, set depositAmount as 0.50 to complete bank account verification.

The bank account status is set as VERIFIED when BILL is able to verify the depositAmount value. When BILL cannot verify the bank account after three attempts, you cannot use the bank account. At this point, use another bank account or create a bank account with POST /v3/funding-accounts/banks.

See Bank account setup (v3 API) in the Guides section for more information, sample requests, and responses.

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