API partner login

Sign in to your BILL partner account. In the response, your partner API session is created and a BILL-generated sessionId is available. Use the sessionId in all subsequent API calls to confirm that you are in a signed-in session.

You get additional permissions with a partner account sessionId.

  • Create a child BILL organization with POST /v3/partner/organizations.
  • Create a user for the child BILL organization with POST /v3/partner/users.
  • Sign in to the created organization as the created user of that organization with /v3/partner/login-as-user. After signing in, you can perform organization-level BILL API operations, such as creating a bill or paying a vendor. Note that all organization-level BILL API operations require a devKey and sessionId.

You can sign out with POST /v3/logout. If your API session is inactive for 35 minutes, the session expires and you are automatically signed out.

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