Create a bulk payment

Create a request for paying multiple bills. You can pay up to 200 bills with one POST /v3/payments/bulk request.

Bulk payments at BILL follow a set of rules.

  • Successful response: In your bulk payment request, all your bill payments must be successful for a successful response. If any bill payment is not successful, the entire request fails and none of the bills in the request are paid.
  • You can pay multiple vendors: You can pay multiple vendors with one POST /v3/payments/bulk request. In this case, make sure that you do not set vendorId in your request.
  • You can only pay existing bills: When you create a single payment with POST /v3/payments, you can set createBill as true in your request for creating a new bill for a vendor payment. In your bulk payment request, an existing billId is required for each bill to be paid.

See Payables payment timing in the BILL Help Center to learn about the standard BILL payment process and timing.

See Payments in the Guides section for more information, sample requests, and responses.

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