Development environments

The BILL developer program provides two environments for you to build and test your application with the BILL API. When you perform BILL operations with our API, such as create a vendor or pay a vendor, BILL also presents the results of these operations in the BILL web app.


You can test with the BILL API in the sandbox environment. This is a standalone environment and any testing with the API in sandbox does not affect your solution in the production environment.

Sandbox API base URL
Sandbox web app URL

You have access to all BILL API services in sandbox with three exceptions.

  • BILL integrations with other accounting softwares is not available in sandbox.
  • Money movement to and from live bank accounts is not available in sandbox.
  • The BILL Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) is not available in sandbox. See Bills detected by Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) in the BILL Help Center for more information.

While money movement to and from bank accounts is not available in the sandbox environment, you can set up a test bank account in sandbox for submitting test payments. See Sandbox bank account setup for more information.



Any BILL pricing plan or subscription is not charged in the sandbox environment.


Your go-live BILL solution is available to your customers in the production environment. This environment enables you to build with all BILL services, including integrations with other accounting softwares and money movement between live bank accounts.

Production API base URL
Production web app URL

Pricing in production

You will be charged the usual price plan fee after the 30-day trial in the production environment. See BILL pricing for more information about price plans.