In this section, we walk through creating vendors and enabling payments for the created vendors.

What is a vendor?

A vendor is an organization that you pay for goods and services they provide. Vendors and customers using BILL can be connected with each other in the BILL network. Network connections between vendors and customers enable electronic payments between them.

International vendors are vendors outside the US. See Country information for international payments in the BILL Help Center to learn about supported countries and currencies.

Vendor payments

There are multiple ways in which you can set up vendors and vendor payments.

Create a vendor with address informationCreate a vendor with address and bank account informationConnect with a vendor in the BILL network
When you pay the vendor, BILL enables you to send a check to the vendor.When you pay the vendor, BILL enables you to make an electronic payment.

NOTE: Make sure that the bank account setup in your BILL organization is complete.
When the BILL network vendor accepts the invite, BILL enables you to pay the vendor.

The payment method (check or electronic payment) is based on how the network vendor is set up.

See BILL network for more information about workflows with the BILL network.

In the next set of sections, we walk through creating an example US vendor and international vendor.

See the /v3/vendors API for more information about the complete list of vendor operations.