Invite a vendor not in the BILL network

Send an invitation to connect your organization with a vendor organization not in the BILL network. If the invited vendor does not have a BILL account, they can open a subscription-free Basic Receivables account and add a bank account to receive payments.

The default BILL email invitation is sent to the organization email address. Use the BILL web app to customize your vendor invitation and to send a reminder to a vendor. See Connect to a vendor and set up ePayments in the BILL Help Center for more information.

When the invited vendor sets up their BILL account, BILL connects this vendor with your created vendor. If the invited vendor does not respond, cancel the invite (with /CancelInvite.json) before sending a new invitation.

Note: If the invited vendor does not respond to an invitation for 60 days, the invitation expires.


This is an MFA protected endpoint. Create an MFA-protected API session with /Login.json before using /SendVendorInvite.json.

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