Delete an approval policy

Delete an approval policy.

In the response, isActive is set as 2 (Inactive).

What is an approval policy?

You can create approval policies at the organization-level for approving bills or vendor credits.

When you create a policy, you can set rules, such as payment amount threshold, mandatory approvers, and minimum number of approvers. For example, you can set the payment amount threshold (amountThreshold) as $1000 and minimum number of approvers (minNumApprovers) as 2.

When you enter bills or vendor credits in the web app, the Smart Data Entry (SDE) feature is used to auto-assign approvers that have been assigned to earlier bills or vendor credits. These approvers are also auto-assigned to new bills or vendor credits created with the API.

When you apply an approval policy to a bill or vendor credit object, you can designate specific approvers (including the sequence of approvals) with /SetApprovers.json.

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