List bills

List bill objects.

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What is a bill?

A bill represents an amount owed for goods and services provided by a vendor.

You can create a bill with /Crud/Create/Bill.json. In the bill, add bill line items to record details about individual goods or services. In addition, you can associate line items to accounts tracking objects, such as item or chart of accounts.

Other bill features:

  • When a bill requires approval, you can add bill approvers with the BILL web app.
  • You can reduce the total bill amount with a bill credit (with the BILL web app) or vendor credit (/VendorCredit.json). Total bill amount, bill credits, vendor credits, and any remaining bill amount paid or recorded is available with /Crud/Read/SentPay.json.
  • The exchangeRate is a required additional field for creating a bill for an international vendor (a vendor outside the US). In addition, each bill line item amount is in the foreign currency. Retrieve the current exchange rate with /GetDynamicExchangeRateQuote.json.

Note: You must set exchangeRate when creating a bill for an international vendor even if the BILL foreign exchange rate changes at the time of bill payment.

List bills & export to CSV
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