Pay a vendor with BILL

Pay a vendor with BILL for one or more bills. You can also pay multiple vendors with a single /PayBills.json request. The maximum number of bills that can be paid with one /PayBills.json request is 200.

If you are applying bill credits to a bill, set the bill amount as (bill amount + bill credit amount).

See Payables payment timing in the BILL Help Center to learn about the standard BILL payment process and timing.


There are two prerequisites for using /PayBills.json.

  • This is an MFA protected endpoint. Create an MFA-protected API session with /Login.json before using /PayBills.json.
  • The user paying a bill must have either the Administrator, Payer, or another user role profile that has the permission to pay bills.

Combining payments made to the same vendor

You can combine payments for multiple bills to the same vendor into one payment if you pay from a bank account.

Ensure that you set enableCombinePayments as true for the vendor (with /Crud/Create/Vendor.json or /Crud/Updated/Vendor.json) before paying for multiple bills as one combined payment.

Note: With a combined payment, the bill payments have the same process date and are scheduled to be paid at the same time.

Paying multiple vendors with a single request

There are two requirements for paying multiple vendors with a single /PayBills.json request.

  • List all the bills for all vendors in the billPays array. Set billId and amount for each bill in the billPays array.
  • Do not set the vendorId. The vendorId is automatically set for each bill to be paid.
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