Bulk add vendor bank accounts

Bulk create vendor bank account objects. The maximum number of objects you can set in a bulk operation is 100.

Note: A vendor can have only one active bank account. You must delete a bank account (with /Crud/Delete/VendorBankAccount.json) before adding a new bank account.


This is an MFA protected endpoint. Create an MFA-protected API session with /Login.json before using /Bulk/Crud/Create/VendorBankAccount.json.

What is a vendor bank account?

A vendor bank account is required for enabling electronic payments for the vendor. BILL encrypts and securely stores bank account and routing number information. Only the last four digits are visible with the API and Web app.

When you add a vendor bank account, the account status is 1 (Verified). BILL sends a test deposit to the bank account within one or two business days. This is to confirm whether the bank account is able to receive payments.

If the vendor bank account status is 3 (Blocked), 4 (Expired), or 5 (Invalid), the vendor’s payBy method for BILL payments is reverted to 0 (Check).

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