Set approvers for a bill or vendor credit

Set specific approvers for your bill or vendor credit.

In your request, set objectId as the bill or vendor credit ID and approvers as an array of user IDs set to approve the listed bill or vendor credit. The order in which you add users in the array is the sequence of approvals required. For example, ["{user_id1}", "{user_id2}", "{user_id3}"]. You can list users with /List/Users.json.

The added users must have the required approver permissions. Set approver permissions with /Crud/Create/User.json or /Crud/Update/User.json. In your request, set profileId for the Administrator, Accountant, or Approver permissions (retrieved with /List/Profile.json).

When you set approvers with /SetApprovers.json, bill approver or vendor credit approver IDs are created and the first approver in the sequence receives an email for approval.

You can retrieve approvers assigned to the bill or vendor credit with /ListApprovers.json.

Set approver use cases

You can use /SetApprovers.json for a range of use cases.

  • When your organization wants to assign chosen approvers to a bill or vendor credit before payment
  • When an approval policy (created with /Crud/Create/ApprovalPolicy.json) requires an approval policy approver (created with /Crud/Create/ApprovalPolicyApprover.json).

Approver actions and endpoint behavior changes

When an approver acts on (approves or denies) a bill or vendor credit, setting approvers with /SetApprovers.json results in specific changes.

  • If an approver acts on a bill or vendor credit and then you set the approver again with /SetApprovers.json, the approver is ignored in the new sequence of approval.
  • If an approver has not acted on a bill or vendor credit and if you set a new approver with /SetApprovers.json, the new approver replaces the existing approver.
  • If none of the approvers have acted on a bill or vendor credit and if you set new approvers with /SetApprovers.json, the new sequence replaces the current sequence.
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