Delete a credit memo

Delete a credit memo object.

In the response, isActive is set as 2 (Inactive).

Line item price & percentage

In your request, either price or percentage (ratePercent) is required for each InvoiceLineItem. If you set one, do not set the other.

If ratePercent is set for a line item, the line item amount is (ratePercent) x (sum of other line item amount values). If price is set, amount is (quantity) x (price).

What is a credit memo?

A credit memo is an adjustment on the amount owed on a customer invoice. Credit memos for a range of reasons, such as not enough stock or returned merchandise. BILL provides a credit memo template with a header and content body.

You can create a credit memo with /Crud/Create/CreditMemo.json. In the credit memo, add credit memo line items to record credit details at a granular level.

exchangeRate is a required additional field for creating a credit memo for an international customer. In addition, each credit memo line item amount is in the foreign currency. Retrieve the current exchange rate with /GetDynamicExchangeRateQuote2.json.

Note: You can apply credit memos to invoices and make changes to the default credit memo template only with the BILL web app. On the Settings page, click Email Templates under Receivables to view and edit the current credit memo template.

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