Create an approval policy

Create a new approval policy.

In your request, set type as the approval policy type. See the parameters for the complete list of types. In addition, you can set policies for a payment amount threshold (amountThreshold) and minimum number of approvers (minNumApprovers).

What is an approval policy?

You can create approval policies at the organization-level for approving bills or vendor credits.

When you create a policy, you can set rules, such as payment amount threshold, mandatory approvers, and minimum number of approvers. For example, you can set the payment amount threshold (amountThreshold) as $1000 and minimum number of approvers (minNumApprovers) as 2.

When you enter bills or vendor credits in the BILL web app, the Smart Data Entry (SDE) feature is used to auto-assign approvers that have been assigned to earlier bills or vendor credits. These approvers are also auto-assigned to new bills or vendor credits created with the API.

When you apply an approval policy to a bill or vendor credit object, you can designate specific approvers (including the sequence of approvals) with /SetApprovers.json.

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