Update a vendor credit

Update a vendor credit object.

Warning: All vendor credit line item details are overwritten with an update operation. When you update a vendor credit detail, enter all existing vendor credit line item details.

What is a vendor credit?

A vendor credit is an adjustment on the amount that you owe a vendor. Vendor credits do not have due dates.

You can create a vendor credit with /Crud/Create/VendorCredit.json. In the vendor credit, add vendor credit line items to record credit details at a granular level. In addition, you can associate line items to accounts tracking objects, such as item or chart of accounts.

You can apply a vendor credit to a bill with /PayBills.json or /RecordAPPayment.json.

Other vendor credit features:

  • When a vendor credit requires approval, you can add vendor credit approvers with the BILL web app.
  • You can reduce the total bill amount with a bill credit (with the BILL web app) or vendor credit (/VendorCredit.json). Total bill amount, bill credits, vendor credits, and any remaining bill amount paid or recorded is available with /Crud/Read/SentPay.json.
  • The exchangeRate is a required additional field for creating a vendor credit for an international vendor (a vendor outside the US). In addition, each vendor credit line item amount is in the foreign currency. Retrieve the current exchange rate with /GetDynamicExchangeRateQuote.json.

Note: You must set exchangeRate when creating a bill for an international vendor even if the BILL foreign exchange rate changes at the time of bill payment.

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