Bulk delete recurring invoices

Bulk delete recurring invoice objects. The maximum number of objects you can set in a bulk operation is 100.

In the response, isActive is set as 2 (Inactive).

Line item price & percentage

In your request, either price or percentage (ratePercent) is required for each InvoiceLineItem. If you set one, do not set the other.

If ratePercent is set for a line item, the line item amount is (ratePercent) x (sum of other line item amount values). If price is set, amount is (quantity) x (price).

What is a recurring invoice?

A recurring invoice is an identical invoice created to receive periodic payments from a customer. These invoices represent an amount that you are owed by a customer for goods and services that you provide.

You can create a recurring invoice with /Crud/Create/RecurringInvoice.json. In the invoice, add invoice line items to record details about individual goods or services. In addition, you can associate line items to accounts tracking objects, such as item (/Item.json) or chart of accounts (/ChartOfAccounts.json).

Other invoice features:

  • Recurring invoice numbers are automatically set as the invoice due date in the YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • You can reduce the total invoice amount with an invoice credit (/CreditMemo.json). Total invoice amount, credit memos, and any remaining invoice amount to be paid or recorded is available with /Crud/Read/ReceivedPay.json.
  • You can send invoices to the customer by email (/SendInvoice.json) or US mail (/MailInvoice.json).
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