Undelete a vendor

Undelete a vendor object.

In the response, isActive is set as 1 (Active).

Vendor address details are required for paying the vendor by check or for inviting the vendor to join the BILL network. Keep this information current at all times.

  • nameOnCheck
  • address1
  • addressCity
  • addressState
  • addressZip
  • addressCountry

What is a vendor?

A vendor is an organization that you pay for goods and services they provide.

Vendors and customers using BILL can be connected to each other in the BILL network. Network connections between vendors and customers enable electronic payments between them.

International vendors are vendors outside the US. See Country information for international payments in the BILL Help to learn about supported countries and currencies.

You can create a new vendor object with /Crud/Create/Vendor.json for a vendor not using BILL. When you pay this vendor, BILL sends a payment check or electronic payment to the vendor.

You can enable electronic payments for a created vendor in two ways.

  • Send the vendor an invite to join BILL with /SendVendorInvite.json
  • Add vendor bank account information with Crud/Create/VendorBankAccount.json
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