Charge a customer

Charge a customer. Funds are withdrawn from the authorized customer bank account.

Specify invoices in your /ChargeCustomer.json request for applying the charge to invoices. The withdrawn funds can be applied to invoices until the invoices are fully paid. Invoices remain open if there is an unpaid balance after the withdrawn funds are applied.


Charging a customer has a set of prerequisites.

  • Customer bank account: Add a customer bank account with /Crud/Create/CustomerBankAccount.json. When you charge the customer, funds are withdrawn from this bank account.
  • Customer authorization: Authorize your organization to charge a customer with /SetCustomerAuthorization.json. This authorization is required for charging the customer.
  • BILL payments terms of service: You organization users must agree to the BILL payments terms of service before you can charge the customer.

In addition, the customer is required to obtain signed authorization from the customer to be compliant with the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).

NACHA Operating Rules Article Two explains the rules for originators. In your organization’s agreement with the customer:

  • Include the required EFT debit authorization
  • State your company name as the originator of an ACH debit

Keep the signed authorization on file for at least two years after the authorization has been terminated or revoked.

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