API production bank account setup

Your go-live BILL solution is available to your customers in the production environment. Set up an active bank account in the production environment to build with all BILL API services, including money movement to and from bank accounts.

As you continue to build and test your application in the API sandbox environment, reach out to your BILL account manager and set up your production account when you are ready to build and test your solution in the production environment.

Pricing in production

You will be charged the usual price plan fee after the 30-day trial in the production environment. See BILL pricing for more information about price plans.

Add a bank account in production

After your production sign up is complete, you can add a bank account using the BILL web app.



BILL sends a test transaction to your added bank account within two business days. This is to ensure that the correct bank account is linked with BILL.

Identity verification

As part of adding your bank account in production, you are required to follow an identity verification process. See Verify your identity in the BILL Help Center for more information.