Accepting a network invitation

Accept a network invitation with POST /v3/network/invitation/accept. In this example workflow, your BILL organization is the customer and Happy Music Supplies is the vendor that is accepting the network invitation.

In this cURL example, a vendor organization accepts an invitation from the customer. In the request, networkId is set as the PNI of the customer organization that sent the invitation. Since your BILL organization is the customer that sent this invitation, retrieve the networkId of your BILL organization with GET /v3/network.

In addition, name is set as the new name of the customer to be added in the BILL organization accepting the invitation, and type is set as CUSTOMER to specify that invitation is accepted from a customer.

curl --request POST \
--url '' \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--header 'devKey: {developer_key}' \
--header 'sessionId: {session_id}' \
--data '{
  "networkId": "{PNI_id}",
  "type": "CUSTOMER",
  "name": "{customer_name}"

When the invited vendor accepts the invitation, BILL creates a new customer with this name and fills in information about the customer that sent the invitation. BILL also enables payments between the connections.