Accounts Payable (AP)

Accounts Payable (AP) are the funds that your organization owes individuals or businesses that supply goods or services. The core AP objects are Vendor and Bill.

Accounts Payable overview

Accounts Payable overview

Vendor overview

The Vendor object represents an individual or company that sells goods or services to your Organization.

Vendor overview

Vendor overview

Vendor operations

The vendor API includes Vendor and VendorBankAccount.

VendorCreate and manage a vendor.

See Create a vendor for more information.
VendorBankAccountAdd and manage a vendor bank account for sending payments to a vendor.

See Add a vendor bank account for more information.

Bill overview

The Bill object represents products and/or services sold by a Vendor to your Organization. In adding to creating bills, you can attach bill images or related documents.

Bill overview

Bill overview

Bill operations

The bill operations API provides a wide range of services.

BillCreate and manage a bill.

See Create a bill for more information.
RecurringBillCreate and manage recurring bills. Recurring bills are identical bills created for periodic payments to a vendor.

See Create a recurring bill for more information.
VendorCreditCreate and manage a vendor credit. A vendor credit is an adjustment on the amount that you owe a vendor.

See Create a vendor credit for more information.
PayBillsPay a vendor with BILL for one or more bills. You can also pay multiple vendors with a single /PayBills.json request.

See Pay a vendor with BILL or in the BILL network](ref:ap-vendortransactions-paybills) for more information.
GetDynamicExchangeRateQuoteRetrieve the current BILL foreign exchange rate. The exchange rate is required for paying international vendors.

See Retrieve the current BILL foreign exchange rate for more information.
RecordAPPaymentRecord a bill payment made outside BILL.

See Record a vendor payment for more information.
CancelAPPaymentCancel a bill payment that is made with PayBills.

See Cancel a vendor bill payment for more information.
VoidAPPaymentVoid a bill payment that has started processing and cannot be canceled.

See Void a vendor bill payment for more information.
BillCreditRetrieve a bill credit object. Bill credits include vendor credits (vendor discounts and bill discounts) applied to a bill.

See Retrieve a bill credit for more information.
SentPayThe SentPay object records the total bill amount, bill credits, vendor credits, and any remaining bill amount paid.

See Retrieve a sent payment for more information.
BillPayThe BillPay object records the details of a single bill that has been paid.

See Retrieve a bill payment for more information.
GetAPSummaryRetrieve a summary of all Accounts Payable (AP) bills and approvals in your organization.

See Retrieve AP summary for more information.
GetDisbursementDataRetrieve payment disbursement details for a SentPay object.

See Retrieve payment disbursement details for more information.
ListPaymentsList all payments by disbursement type, such as scheduled (0), done (3), failed (4), or void (5).

See List payments by disbursement type for more information.
GetCheckImageDataRetrieve an image of the check sent to a vendor.

See Retrieve check image data for more information.