Using this website

Take advantage of resources on this API documentation website based on where you are in your development journey.

You are new to the BILL API

Begin with setting up your BILL API sandbox developer account.

  1. Sign up to create your API sandbox developer account.
  2. See Development environments to learn about the key differences between API sandbox and production.
  3. See Sandbox bank account setup to learn about adding a test bank account in sandbox.

Your API sign up process is complete

Review documentation on the BILL API structure and make your first API call.

  1. See API structure to learn about the BILL API request and response formats.
  2. See BILL API reference overview to learn about signing in with the /Login.json API and testing sandbox API calls in the documentation.

Learn about the BILL API services

BILL provides a wide range of API services for an organization's Accounts Payables (AP) and Accounts Receivables (AR) automation.


See the Recipes section for step-by-step walkthroughs for standard BILL API use cases, such as paying a vendor and sending a customer invoice.

API architecture

BILL API serviceDescription
OrganizationThe Organization object represents a unique legal entity i.e. a company.
AuthenticationAn organization User must sign in to access resources in an Organization.
Accounts Receivable (AR)Accounts Receivable (AR) are the funds that your organization is owed for selling goods or services to individuals or businesses.
Accounts Payable (AP)Accounts Payable (AP) are the funds that your organization owes individuals or businesses that supply goods or services.
Bill approvalsSet up bill approval workflows to reduce the risk of any unapproved bill payments or money movement from your organization.
BILL network operationsThe BILL network is a collection of customer organizations and vendor organizations using BILL.

Network connections between customers and vendors enable electronic payments between them.

User role permissions

See User roles and permissions in the BILL Help Center to learn about the required role permissions for the BILL operations you want to integrate with.

You have started building your application

Keep track of best practices and common error codes while building and testing your application with the BILL API.

  1. See API login best practices to learn about API login session validity and login timers.
  2. See API rate limits to learn about the BILL API rate limit rules.
  3. See Common API error codes to learn about the common API error codes and how to address them.

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