API response format

All BILL API responses follow a set of rules. In this section, we explain the response format details and then showcase an example.

Response format details

A BILL API response can be broken down into different components.

response_status- 0: Success
- 1: Error
response_message- Success
- Error
response_dataresponse_data provides details for an operation-specific response if the request is successful.

For invalid or incomplete requests, response_data provides an error code and error message. See Common API error codes for more information.

Example response: Sign in to your sandbox developer account

When you sign in with the Login API, your API session is created in response and a sessionId is generated. Use the sessionId value in all subsequent calls to confirm that you are in a signed in session.

   "response_status": 0,
   "response_message": "Success",
   "response_data": {
      "sessionId": "{session_id}",
      "orgId": "{organization_id}",
      "apiEndPoint": "https://api-sandbox.bill.com/api/v2",
      "usersId": "{user_id}"



createdTime and updatedTime in API responses are in the ISO 8601 format with time offset from UTC. The format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss±hhmm.

For example, 2024-12-30T07:00:00.000+0000 is 12 AM Pacific Time (7 AM UTC) on December 30, 2024. If your API testing tool does not support URL encoding, replace ± with %2B.