Vendor address required for ACH payments

March 2023

We are informing you about upcoming changes to the BILL API.

Starting May 5, 2023, a valid vendor address will be required for you to make ACH payments to the vendor with /v2/PayBills.json. Please ensure that your code handles this requirement and the related error message.

Validating vendor payment address is compliance

The United States federal and state laws require a complete and valid vendor address for all ACH payments made to any vendor.

To stay compliant with these laws, if any vendor has an incomplete or missing address, BILL will not process ACH payments made to that vendor with /v2/PayBills.json.

Starting May 5, 2023, the BDC_1158 error code will be returned for this exception.

  "response_status" : 1,
  "response_message" : "Error",
  "response_data" : {
  	"error_code" : "BDC_1158",
    "error_message" : "Vendor payment address is not valid."

Best practices

List all your vendors (/v2/List/Vendor.json) or a specific vendor (/v2/Crud/Read/Vendor.json) to confirm whether all the required vendor address details are complete.

  • address1
  • addressCity
  • addressState
  • addressZip

When updating an existing vendor (/v2/Crud/Update/Vendor.json) or creating a new vendor (/v2/Crud/Create/Vendor.json), please ensure that the required vendor address details complete and valid.